Classes & Groups

Mindfulness 101: An Introduction to Mindfulness

A 2 hour workshop to help you increase wellbeing & reduce stress

Learn how to reduce stress and increase well-being through mindfulness practices, such as meditation and relaxation techniques, in a friendly & comfortable setting. You’ll learn the basics of meditation, its benefits, and how to begin incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily life.

Investment: $15 or pay what you can

For upcoming dates: call or text 470-231-8180

Community Mindfulness Group: An Open Group for Practicing Mindfulness

Coming in January 2019

Interested in a particular mental health topic?

Want to bring an expert to talk to your organization? Our workshops offer educational and team-strengthening opportunities that can promote wellbeing for individuals and groups in your organization. We also offer groups such as Mindfulness for Mommies, Mindfulness for Kids, Support Groups for Teens, and Parent Education. Contact us to talk about starting or joining a group that meets your needs!